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About Partakers.

BWIB4G Q2 2023 Nominee

Through a unique mentoring model, Partakers supports the education and advancement of incarcerated women and men and Returning Citizens. Within this transformative experience Partakers also bridges the divide that separates people impacted by incarceration with those outside of the carceral system. Through its College Behind Bars Mentoring Program, Partakers provides vital mentoring support to incarcerated students. Partakers Mentors not only help to enhance skills critical to completing academic and degree programs, but also provide life-changing support networks while building long-term vital and trusting personal relationships. This support is essential to not only academic success but also for a sense of self-worth, connection,empowerment, and the belief in the possibility of a real future. Partakers mentor support is foundational to increasing chances for success when returning to society. Through the Partakers re-entry initiative, the Partakers Empowerment Program (PEP), Partakers continues this critical support system by working with Returning Citizens. The Partakers PEP program and its mentors provide critical skills, training, knowledge and personal connections as Returning Citizens navigate the difficult path of re-entry. The work of Partakers is to build vital partnerships and programming opportunities, and to provide essential resources, education, skills, and foster affirming relationships to individuals and communities impacted by the carceral system. The Partakers mentor experience is the key to achieving long-term sustained transformation, significantly reducing recidivism, with an impact that ripples out to the community beyond, and extends generationally.

Get involved!

College Behind Bars

As a Mentor in our College Behind Bars program you will be a part of a team of mentors who will visit, guide, encourage and correspond with a student inside prison. The schedule for visiting inside is flexible and your role will be one of friendship and support.

Partakers Empowerment Program (PEP)

PEP provides a robust and immersive program for re-entry. Students are provided with new laptops and are engaged in 12 week virtual workshops on technology, civic re-engagement, health & wellness, professionalism, financial literacy, and education. workshops are taught by Brandeis instructors, graduate students, and community partners. students are supported by members of the Partakers’ Mentoring community who meet with their Mentees via Zoom.

Reading Circle

We welcome all who love reading want to share a reading experience with folks inside.
You may form Reading Circle teams from your organization, company, community, and we can also coordinate teams of individuals who are not affiliated with any one organization and match teams with one of our Inside Readers.

Jazz for Justice

Attend, Sponsor, or volunteer for the first Annual “JAzz for Justice” concert featuring Stanley Jordan! Jazz for Justice will be held on June 22, 2024!

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